Saturday, 10 February 2007

ततः किम्

Here is post on this blog after a long time, since most of my time is being spent in my job, music-practices and (maybe wasted in) preparing for IIM interviews. So the habit of blogging on every weekend has now taken a backseat, and doesn't seem like driving for some time to come.

Here are the reasons one should appear for IIM interviews -
  1. Irreproducible percentile
  2. IIMs calling (and a promise of bright future therefore made)

Reasons it might not make any difference
  1. Same old story of "घर से फ़ि, फ़ि से घर, बॉस का डर, बीवी का डर"
  2. It does not answer the question "ततः िम्"*
  3. The world might not exist in a livable form after only a few years due to either/combination of
  • US foreign policy and a feared chain reaction
  • Chinese space policy and another chain reaction
  • Standstills on Hosur Road in Bangalore and continuous addition of running vehicles
  • Increasing global warming and increase in natural violent activities thereof
  • Decreasing biodiversity - on land, in air and in water
  • Aliens getting frustrated of increasing stupidity on earth

And here are the reasons I would think twice before going to an IIM
  1. Need to get a haircut. And keep doing that till hair stops growing.
  2. Need to revise dept fundae, HR questions, general awareness and what not
  3. Need to learn to be a hypocrite, especially in the interviews
  4. Need to move on - Hate trying to find amicable people every now and then, especially regarding one's musical activities.
  5. Not earn financially for following two years and still face hardships.
  6. Face a stiffer and faster job-life after that.
  7. Foresee an early retirement out of exhaution, frustration and long suppression of one's non-professional penchants.
  8. If you win a rat-race, you win, but you are still a rat.

Given a choice, I would go to IIMs if haircut was not a concern, but now I am confused.
So right now I am in a moral dilemma, similar to the person around whom a typical GD revolves - "What should s/he do now?"

* "ततः िम्" means "what after that?"

p.s. there has been an update on this post to add reasons for indifference, so don't get confused if you read the post differently now.