Saturday, 18 March 2006


My last 2 years in Kgp have kept me busy in music almost throughout the year. Here is what I've gathered from the experience (speaking about entertainment/music only).

Three habits of winning people -

How to win in any event -
a) "Tap" potential fachchas.
b) Get a judge who would be pass-out of your hall.
c) Get the gymkhana ent-secy in your hall.

How to win a groups event -
a) Get a slot different than first 3.
b) Get your hall people to kowtow.
c) Be the black horse - you can come second most of the times.

How to win a vocals event -
a) Sing some fundoo pop number with hoohaa modulation in western vocals.
b) Claim that you have not had training.
c) Sing same songs for all the duration you are here.

How to win an intrumentals event -
a) Do some wizardry (e.g. biting your guitar or playing tabla (only right) by both hands time and again).
b) Again, play same pieces over the years (except this year).
c) "Ek guitar aur ek synth... sabhi hall yehi karenge... kya sexy lagega be.... judge ekdam impress ho jayega.... nahi to kuchh nahi aanewala apna is event me.... mai bata raha hoon na."

And the other side of the coin - three habits of losing people.

How to lose any event -
a) Try something beyond your caliber, no matter how it comes out.
b) Find some excuse for not performing, you can do anything you want during this time - chat, play guitar/synth in your room, sleep, go to chhedis etc etc.
c) Get disheartened very easily (kya rakha hai, sab moh-maya hai!).

How to lose in a groups event -
a) Be overconfident about your musical abilities, don't care about tightness, meager amount of practice would be enough.
b) Don't choose something which you can do better than other halls.
c) Get a first day first slot when the judge is good, or any slot when the judge is normal.

How to lose in a vocals event -
a) Realize that you don't stand a chance anyway, so try something out of the blue.
b) Re-organize the ongoing event because of some impertinent reason.
c) Choose accopanyists who are not-so-experienced.

How to lose in a instrumentals event -
a) Any excuse (e.g. going to Cal) for not participating will do - samajh rahe ho na!
b) Try playing different instruments and decide which one to play 1 hour before the event.
c) Play what YOU like rather than what THEY like.

I have seen the habits of losing people creeping in most of us losers (sure these were sore grapes for me, I will be the first one blogging the other view - how it feels to lose) though I'd rather advice not to indulge proactively in so-called good habits (unless you have exceptional tempo like Daku or Bhatu or few other people).

Why am I being so sarcastic? There's a proverb in Marathi meaning "A wise needs no explaination". I hope people are wise enough to digest this sarcasm (In my defence I argue that if they can't take it, they may not be that wise!).

p.s. I sincerely hope that the persons criticised/glorified in the above post read this entirely (esp. all the RP-ent team members) because this is what an ent-captain should have done and has failed to do - motivate his teammates.


Anonymous said...

is it ur music room u r targetting??

Kartik said...

yes, mainly. will like to explain to my ent team.

Anonymous said...

rp always lost becaz

1)ther is no tempo in the supporters..even the so called "music team members dont turn out for the shows/intrumentals/vocal"..when other co-members r performin

2)ppl more concerned to show their personal cali rather than a gud DT...which is neva appretiated by the judges...

3)ppl dont know to goin to other hall n critizing n makin fun of their seniors...

4)their is a trend settin in the hall that neone can kata the events due to acads n all...which cant be questioned...

5)v dnt hav very gud hai they neva come prepared...n juniors dont show ne tempo to learn...wat will happen when the present instrumentalist/vocalist will leave this place? whom to blame them...

6)thers no point in critizing others,caz evey1 hav many loopholes cant manage perfectly...criticing neva help "winning" helps "losing"...

7)Finally,rp always put up gr8 shows in the past appretiated by every1 arnd the is winnin the hearts not only winnin competitions...n still every one in the campus fear RP team n will fear always...thats the bottom line..."SO PEACE MARO"!!!

anonymous 2 said...

Leard from ppl who have won. stop criticizing. Playing DT!!! some kind of a joke or what? hallowed be thy name ??? u know how horrible it sounds to the audience. u ppl dont even care abt ur patches. u dont care abt ur mixing. nothing!!!! and u think wt u do on stage is difficult??? a school band can play as good(bad) as u ppl. there is still time to learn. stop walking down to cheddis and making a circle and talk all tht crap abt this metal that shit..this solo that bull shit!!! show it in ur deeds!! sala google search maarke fundaa collect karna is no fucking deal. as long as ur guitars dont talk and ur vacalists keep sucking, u wont go newhere. Thank god, u hav a gud drummer and a gud guy in ur present drummer. He is the only asset of ur team. but, again...he is too immature. He and u all shud understand tht...playing all tht so called big fundaa music tht u ppl think u do on stage sounds nothing but crap for each and ev1 watching ur shows. aukaat mai rehke bajao. tabhi u ppl will have a slim chance of making an impression.
Individual talent does no good. As a band, u hav to luk like one. and for god sakes dont ever play those DT numbers. U ppl are pathetic at that lemme tell u. U r a joke cos u think u play DT well!! hahahahahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Its better to realise n learn, than to make mistakes again an again...i feel watever written above is correct in someway...but the guy who had written pretending to be a gr8 music analyst...maa ke laure...kgp mai hai aukat mai rah ka phd karke aur shows karke hilayega kya...kon sa metallica jaisa band banayega koi..2 din guitar mai lead baja lena se koi musician nahi bun nothin to analyze so hai saab acha hai...njoy music thats it...n do wat u heart feel to be correct caz u will be criticized neway..thats the kgp MAA CHUDAYE...iit aur yahan ke log...keep doin the gud wrk n work for ur career,that wil only pay at the stop discussing such shits!!!

anonymous 3 said...

anonymous 2 jo bola hai bahut sahi bola hai. anonymous bhi thoda bahut theek bola hai. follow ur heart ka jo fundaa tha. lekin i ll add. follow ur heart and accept defeat gracefully if u have followed ur heart. because, if u have not won after following ur heart, u have never followed ur heart the right way!! and winning does not mean tht u have necessarily followed ur heart, but it sure means that u have WON many hearts!!! Thats the BOTTOMLINE. The thing is every Individual has to make sacrifices for the team to win. If RP wants to hav a semblance of a chance, they have 2 start making sacrifices. If they continue following their heart this way, there will always be some "kartik" who ll be blogging away his frustness (and blaming and criticizing ev1 in the kgp music circle...apart from if he is the only GENIUS) at the end of his academic year!

anonymous 3 said...

anonymous 2 jo bola hai bahut sahi bola hai. anonymous bhi thoda bahut theek bola hai. follow ur heart ka jo fundaa tha. lekin i ll add. follow ur heart and accept defeat gracefully if u have followed ur heart. because, if u have not won after following ur heart, u have never followed ur heart the right way!! and winning does not mean tht u have necessarily followed ur heart, but it sure means that u have WON many hearts!!! Thats the BOTTOMLINE. The thing is every Individual has to make sacrifices for the team to win. If RP wants to hav a semblance of a chance, they have 2 start making sacrifices. If they continue following their heart this way, there will always be some "kartik" who ll be blogging away his frustness (and blaming and criticizing ev1 in the kgp music circle...apart from if he is the only GENIUS) at the end of his academic year!

Kartik said...

very interesting.
first thing i wanted to make clear - why am i borrowing anger and spite from friends just at the time i am passing out? because i hope they make some sense of this discussion, improve upon their shortcomings and be better people, better musicians. The i won't care what they think of me.

another thing, if you are offended personally, take it or leave it, life has been unfair and will be at many points, when you can do nothing about it. i felt the same frustration and blogged it. you feel something, you comment on this, or write in your blog. if you think "how to win" points are mordant, take it with some sugar, you may laugh at times. "how to lose" points are there to make others realize what went wrong.

further i would like forthcoming anonymous persons to write their name in the comment, this would help me to explain by seeing the reason of that person writing something.

@anon-who-enumerated -
1.ther is no tempo in the supporters-> read there is no tempo in the team members also.
2.ppl more concerned to show their personal cali-> "playing what YOU like rather than what THEY like" syndrome.
3.Don't know respect -> It can't be taught to fellow members how to show respect. further respect of other members towards yourself has to be earned.
4.trend which cannot be questioned -> so who was talking about all-round development, group skills and hall tempo?
5.v dnt hav very gud hai they neva come prepared -> it is the very job of captain to identify and appoint the right people at right places, it is not juniors' job.
6.criticizing never helps winning -> i don't see how. This very discussion should spark the right inspiration.
7.finally RP team is best and most feared -> No. How do you define "best-ness"?
so peace maro -> that's the precise attitude why we lost.

@anon2 -
i think you are bitten more than what i expected, but still i'd like to explain.
walking down to chhedi's and discussing metal has no relation to showing superiority and only few of the members are regular in that. some of them may be immature in the way they treat others or in the matter they see success, agreed they have to accept few hard facts and cope more with others. and i also would like them being less recluse. and i also know few other people who also have such discussions, and i have my own reservations about them.
searching on google was never a bad idea.
i don't know you have anything against DT or what, but if you had heard spirit carries on last year (maybe overture this year didn't come out as good) you might not have said that. again personally i feel RK's take away my pain was out of beat at many times, but i don't go say that don't play DT.
"hahahahha" - that shows your spite and immaturity. anyway, no hard feelings.

@anon(3) -
it is correct in some way that few persons are perceived as having superiority complex - some of them don't want to convey that but eventually end up doing that by their behavior.
stop discussing such shits -> the shit part of it (how to win) is crap i know, but i really wanted to put forward the mistakes been commited in "how to lose".

Kartik said...

@ anon3 -
very true. RP-ent-team has to realize the importance of individual sacrifices. they are really scared of those. thanks for bringing out that point.

i have already accepted the defeat. i never said that we lost and still we were superior than others. (it is another issue that winning in these events really represents musical superiority or the very need of defining musical superiority - if such thing exists)
i am not saying that i'm any authority (genius) on this issue, i blogged my views. i sincerely believe those views represent my feelings and i'm not at all repentant after writing this blog. i might have criticized few (wrong) people in this process, but again, i have been criticized for wrong reasons at many times. i had this notion - even if others think irrationally, keep you sanity and think logically again. only problem in this being no-one else seemed to follow this notion. so i have also joined their pool. i think what i think, may be that won't sound reasonable to other people.

anonymous 2 said...

U r eccentric!!!! thats wat u r!!!! All u hav managed to do here is portray urself as some kind of a genius!! and we all know u r jus opposite of that. And unfortunately ur hall mates ur fella musicians will know that now. Better late than they say!! Y dont u go ahead and mention some of ur failures man!?!? i m sure there must be a dozen of them. put up a blog and start bashing urself up. take some responsibilty for ur teams performance man. y shove it up others!!?

Kartik said...

i think this is vishal. don't be a coward to hide your name. (and if it is not vishal, never mind. this response is mostly targetted on vishal)

thanks for bringing me on ground and not letting air to get in my head. but look at you son, all YOU have managed in this spiteful act (of wtms mail and anon comments) is portraying YOURself as genius, and we all don't care what you actually are. unfortunately your hallmates will soon don't care about you (because of your attitude - i still strongly oppose a person of such attitude in a society because what a society needs is a cohesion rather than sheer talent, and i'm not the only one to think likewise. it is the precise reason why i am at ease with etms than wtms)

"Y dont u go ahead and mention some of ur failures man!?!?" -> that shows you missed the whole point of the blog. the blog is all about criticizing rp's ent team for under-performance.

"i m sure there must be a dozen of them. put up a blog and start bashing urself up" -> that's what the blog was.

"take some responsibilty for ur teams performance man. y shove it up others!!?" -> read the last para and last line of the blog. I was the (eastern) ent captain of rp which has failed to do his job.

i don't freaking care about someone called Vishal Singh - let him have his genius(!?) and his attitude. I care more about my friends so this is the way I brought out my views about them in a sincere hope of their & my betterment. i don't give a f*** about going public or not. rather mailing to few ppl and not revealing youlrself shows your cowardice.

I'd encourage you to comment more on this ,let all the filth come up (unleash the f**king fury) - it has already got enough dirty and i had already thought of that before writing this blog.

punit said...

We are fully aware of the mistakes we committed.......and we dont consider ourselves as Gods...we know our limitations ....And that is the exact reason we dont write blogs critisizing others .....But yeah there is some(atleast some) credibility to our success in the recent past which shudnt have been just denied in ur blog...we give a damn to ur blog coz u have been a great frd and colleague all these years...u r respected to be one of the more rational persons please live upto that reputation of urs atleast when u r adressing ppl from a public platform......ur blog hurted the sentiments of one and all........anyway, i understand how it feels when u dont get ur its ok :).....

Mohit said...

for anon2:
mother fucker....try comin out in open 'n' say a fuckin thin abt DT..'n' i sware 2 god u won't b abl 2 sit upright 4 the next few months @#$%&
as far as kartik's cali is concerned...u certainly doesn't have the cali 2 make it to the ETMS/WTMS..DON'T U ?? 'COZ OHTERWISE U WUDN'T HAVE DARED TO SAY A THING ABT HIM
if u wanna reply to my comment..try comin out in open...otherwise FUCK OFF @#@@$#

anonymous 2 said...

u r short sighted or wat. Mr Kartik?? The spite cannot only come from rk. there are other halls who have performed better than u. and u hav targetted em in ur fucking moronic blog aswell. who the fuck is vishal singh neways. he is a great guitarist thats all i know. if he has given u a shock by sending some goddamn mail in the wtms group thats his and ur fucking problem. I dun no nething abt wtms and dont give a fuck either. u were ghastly in ur blog. and sorry i didnt know u were the captain. cos surely u never lukd like u wud be able to lead a bunch of ppl and hell i was damn right. Good work go fucking bash urself and ur team on ur blog. nice fucking way aint it??? dont try to be a stud by claiming tht u dont care. cos u know fucking wat?? u dont care cos u ll be moving ur ass out of kgp in 2 months time. thts y u dont fucking care.

Kartik said...

@punit - if you think all the criticism was on you, read it again, think over it again. I never denied that RK's performances were much better than most of other halls in all the ent-events. and i never criticized anybody for winning, all i did is bringing out tha fallacies, which might have turned the results. your success is definitely credible and you definitely deserve it. the only frustration of mine is we could have been better and we were not upto par. specifically speaking about eastern groups, we could have never been better than RK aur Azad maybe, but we could have definitely been third - that's where slot, choice of songs, deficiency of practice & lack of tempo showed.
speaking about public platform, i consider my blog as my personal space, though all the world can view it, it still remains my opinion. if you don't find it rational, allow me to explain it.

@anon2 - i'm myopic (sorry, a lame PJ).
there are halls other than rk - that's what i meant when i said we could have been better - we could have been better than other halls (except rk in eastern groups).
"u were ghastly in ur blog" -> so why care to read? treat it as just another abuse.
even if i were here for a couple of years more, i'd still have not cared about that guy.

in the end i did not understand the point of this comment, please elaborate it if your intention is not abusing only. in spite of all your abuses, i will still like to clarify either through these comments or better if we talk, that is if you reveal your identity.
and if you don't know to spell my name, i am Kartik Varadpande.

@kc - thanks for your read and your support. speaking about hurting people, people don't know and don't care how other hurt people feel otherwise.

VISHAL said...

VISHAL said - listen u fart kartik... i do not wish to write any anonymous comments and this is my first and last remark.... as for others i have nothing against you all and whoever is writing anonymously, please mention your name so that the piece of shit author can feel less humiliated... as for anonymous2, i do not know who he is, but i sure think he is doing a good job.. kudos.

as for my hall mates.. man you are so pathetic. you could not motivate your own hall mates for anything and now this shit!!

i have nothing against people writing blogs, but such a blog makes one feel that KARTIK Ver......(whatever) has been a loser all his life....

if you had the courage, why did you not say any of this in front of me.. rather than writing something which reflects your cowardice and your upbringing in general...

i do not claim to be any good, but at least i work hard for whatever i am doing and i have enough to prove it.. what do you have? you do not appear to be a stud anyway and trying to play a number of instruments does not help your cause...

i think if you had spent more of your time practising than bitching about others or giving some of your metal fundas... you would not have had to face such ridicule... you do not deserve any respect and whatever little you learnt, you have ended a loser....

i will not reply to any of this shit.. if you think you are good at anything.. bass or guitar... i tell you.. you suck.. do not delete this post if you have anything left in you.. so that others can read my point of view...

Kartik said...

"if you had the courage, why did you not say any of this in front of me.. rather than writing something which reflects your cowardice and your upbringing in general..." -> after western instrumental we never met, otherwise i'd have directly spoken to you. and why did you write on the wtms mail then... you should have written that here at the first place. "WTMS is what concerns me" -> that's where i beg to differ. it also shows YOUR upbringing by the way of your language.
had chacko jacob not been the judge (he's rk pass-out), you had ZERO chance of winning western instrumental. you played good, but in spite of your hallmates telling you not to act stupidly before judges, you did it - you did what YOU wanted. and it was really really stupid playing guitar by your teeth.

"i do not claim to be any good, but at least i work hard for whatever i am doing and i have enough to prove it.." -> don't give me that, enough number of people have known you for your attitude.

"what do you have? you do not appear to be a stud anyway and trying to play a number of instruments does not help your cause..." --> i never tried to play many instruments, i had to, because others refused, that's one fo the reasons i started playing bass.

"i think if you had spent more of your time practising than bitching about others or giving some of your metal fundas... " -> that shows you don't know me. most probably you have more metal funda than me, you can ask about this to various people if you don't believe. i don't act imitate any of the persons you might have seen with me, or whoever you were targetting that comment to.

"i will not reply to any of this shit.." -> please do rather than posting something on group.

"do not delete this post" -> i never feared anyone, you? ha!

"Practise without being complacent." -> not your cup of tea.
"It is not important to get people from your hall" -> not in vocals.
"Learn how to play the instrument." -> as if no-one knew that
"Learn to IMPROVISE" -> so that you can play arbit stuff in even a song like papa kehte hain.
"DO NOT copy others" -> so biting your guitar was original stuff?

"There should be dignity in defeat ... and joy in victory" -> and there also should be a tinge of modesty in the victory, but again, none of your concerns.
"I do not believe in a public outburst of grievances" -> this was more self bashing than an outburst of grievance, if you have not understood it still.... you never will.

"I hope that an ent-captain or a G.sec.reading this would realize that he/she should motivate by example rather than criticising other halls or your own hallmates." -> try motivating people without making them aware of their shortcomings, but again, they will have to respect you before listening to you... alas!

as debo and dash have rightly pointed out, there is no use spamming the group mail. write to me personally or here in the comments. so will i.

SvladKCjelli said...

I'm late for most of the action I think...
I have one thing to mention..
I quote : How to win a vocals event -
a) Sing some fundoo pop number with hoohaa modulation in western vocals.

Yes.I'm curious.Whats wrong with that?? Thats what anyone with brains would do right??
Or would you rather sing some non-fundoo Rock/Metal/Progressive metal number with minimal modulation??

Actually...You've been here for four years.You know by now,that Inter hall events (or put in simpler terms - Halls) dont matter.Then why give a damn???

VISHAL said...

you are such a loser man... chacko jacob is no RK passouut.. he is IT Bhu.. u suck man...

as for my attitude... as long as i can win gold medals and be respected and liked by my hall mates and fellow musicians here... i dont give a shit..

i am sure you had a great synth player.. but trying to claim that you could have won as a team.. man ure so pathetic... you had ZERO chance..

i wonder how you find time to write this crap.. you are such a loser... as for ent teams and captains is concerned.. you ask both my captains and they will tell you about me... and my co-operation and attitude!!

as for practising without being complacent-- that was meant for vocals, definitely not my cup of tea.. but yes, i do practise more than YOU and the results show for themselves..

IMPROVISE --- what do you know about it? have you ever tried picking up any song without GP4? can you play anything yourself?

as for my hallmates telling me not to act stupidly.. i dont know who gave you that shit? i do what I LIKE and do not listen to shit... (unlike you and your reason for pickin up bass ) and I PLAY what i want.. I believe that as a musician, it is your privilege what you want to play..

i have all respects for debo, dash, andre, cathode and others who do not write bullshit in a public domain.. you are a complete jerkoff...
i can only wish you luck as you pass out of this place... i had said earlier that it is important to realize that people can be better than you and that competition should motivate you than dissuade you from hard work...

there is still time man.. pick up the bass or the guitar and sweat it out.. i am sure you'll start feeling better.

Kartik said...

@kc - i didn't say there is anything wrong in that, it's a habit of winning people. agreed after all it's halls, so why do I give a damn? why do people bother to reply so often to this blog? after all it's just another opinion of some guy who will not be seen in a couple of months!

@vishal - get out of your caccoon and think again. there is lots of music besides you. sure we had synth players in hall, had you been in the constraints i faced, i wonder if you could have come up with better solution.
"as long as i can win gold medals" -> don't let get the air to fill in your head, you may incidentally win when you are here, you might not be the best in/outside the campus.
"and be respected and liked by my hall mates" -> wake up.
"as for ent teams and captains is concerned" -> i am in very good position to guess their opinion of you.
"i do practise more than YOU" -> like hell, you know what i do throughout the day.
"practising without being complacent .... not my cup of tea" -> which holds not only for vocals, not only for music... everything.
"improvise" -> i have been into indian classical music for more time than you are learning/playing guitar. if you don't know about this genre, it is mostly about improvisation in a given raag.
"I believe that as a musician, it is your privilege what you want to play" -> playing what YOU like rather than playing what THEY like syndrome. as about bass, i'd rather play chapman stick when i can arrange enough cash.
"i can only wish you luck as you pass out of this place" -> thanks, same to you.
"it is important to realize that people can be better than you and that competition should motivate you than dissuade you from hard work" -> never denied that, but applies to you also, people can be better than YOU also. other pro-guitar players can be better than your idol also (may be not in your opinion, but you have got to respect other's opinion too.)

after all this blog-o-crap i am already feeling much better. all the grievancees are let out and i feel free. i just hope that people think rationally than taking any criticism prsonally and right people are moved in right way.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

Cyren here. Thank you all for all your wisdom. I never expected to learn so much just by tapping into some random crosstalk. Jesus, yup the Christ fella, said " Its not what goes into the mouth that is evil. Its what comes out thats evil." [ N.B. He meant words, not puke].
Kartik, I personally think you must stop replying to people here. The problem here is that everyone's taken this blog too seriously whilst I think it was meant to be sarcastic.
The one thing I learnt over the years is that for Western Groups, nobody .. I mean nobody actually knows the winning formula. Its just that the winners are surprised ( just as much as the ones that couldn't make it).. and later happy with the way things ended. Alas, people who lose like to bitch. Had RP won I guess somebody from some other hall would have put up a blog similar to Kartik's. It pleases our vanity to justify how we won Western Groups by telling fables of hard-work, intelligence, grace, and sheer calibre. Well, guess what, even the halls that couldn't win had their own fairy tales that just didn't get published. What I didn't understand is why people from the winning halls are bitching about Kartik's abilities. If you think you truly won because you had 'IT' in you then just laugh back at people who take pains to criticize (sic) you. Let them bark all they want and bitch about your mistakes on stage .. blah blha ... Replying back, with such banality, and converting Kartik's blog ( which I gather, was only sarcastic) into a Pandora's box gives me the impression that you guys seriously were never prepared to win. I'm happy you guys won this year, and I seriously wish we win next year. And nobody, save the judge, knows why you guys won or why we didn't win this year.
I am not interested in replies so : Please don't threaten me with anonymous posts or suck my dick with your IDed posts [ or vice-verca for those enlightened souls who feel instigated]. Just leave it be and learn to not get so emotional.
Kartik, kindly don't grace these people's posts with replies, unless you're totally jobless ( and I bet you are ;) BT Boy) and want to piss them off real good.

Kartik said...

@cyren - i fully understand your viewpoint, and support it. the original post WAS sarcastic (winning habits) not intended to criticize or hurt people(winning habits), the losing habits were to cast light on our mistakes - as you have rightly understood.
the winning formula, as you said is virtually unknown - because some halls following the current formula (as they claim to know) have won, and some halls following same/similar formula have not.
as for replies, if i do not do that, i don't convey this other side of story to the people - that is if i can change their opinion.
and about joblessness - look at kc, he seems more jobless than me.

coke said...

baap re ...
well different ppl will act differently when faced with the same situation...but surely,a common hatred for something does bring people closer :)
thnx to anonymous 2, in the 4th comment from the top, for calling me a good drummer ... and i can bet tht this guy is from Nehru Hall ... the only hall tht loves me so much :) ... [and I'd like to think SN does too :D ]

SvladKCjelli said...

Bhak saala.I'm not more jobless than you.(Joblessness ~ length of post)
Kamy Singh is definitely more jobless than either of us aise.

SvladKCjelli said...

I believe the drummer in question (comment 4) is a different drummer???
Or am I wrong??

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

11 ... yup different people iterpret things differently .. I think anonymous 2 meant Mohit, not coke [ talented + immature] .. I thought it was quite obvious .. k only my interpretation.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

k .. Mohit is not immature. But coke ain't exactly .... ehh ... k ... interpretations suck.

kamy singh born to be JOBLESS said...


coke said...

heheh ... come to think of it ... in the 4th comment anonymous actually said Thank god, u hav a gud drummer and a gud guy in ur present drummer ... man why am I not a good guy... :(( ... I try so hard to be one ... sob sob sob

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

Welcome to earth. My 'good-guy'ness. Better late than never, it so happens that you were taking credit for good drummer [thnx to anonymous 2, in the 4th comment from the top, for calling me a good drummer ...] instead of good guy. k .. guess every bubble goes with a big - bang.
And I gather good guys don't complain.
Now you can do the one other thing wannabes do .... SOB [ not son of a bitch hehehe .. just sob sob sob...].
If you really really wanna know if you'er the good guy in the bad drummer outfit, ask the priest at communion, or jesus in hell.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

its ok .. take credit for being immature though.

anonymous 2 said...

correction - Thank god, u have a (close to)gud drummer and a gud guy in ur present better (by some distance) drummer. And a great DickInSon(near pretty near)!!

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

and why is Mr. Anonymous 2 so concerned about the 'good-guy' ness of coke .... is there some close relatinship building between the two of you, if not personal then just via posts on this blog ?? ;)
open to all interpretations here .. hehehe

Kartik said...

i'll have to wrap this issue up sometime and i guess this is that time. so i leave my final comments (unless something new & interesting pops up)....

@anon2 - plz tell me who you are or i can't understand you. i may delete what i don't understand.

@coke - thanks for your read, but i was more concerned about rp-ent-team's mistakes than your good-guy-ness or good-drummer-ness.

@cyren - cool it off. you seem to have objection on coke's and anon2's comments. let them say what they want...

@mohit - i may be a day late on this, but why use such foul language when you are better known to be a "good-guy"?

@vishal - one whole day and i did not see your further comment, even you hid your eyes from me when i saw you in MS. anyway, the only thing i want to convey is that you are a talented musician, but you can be good only if you have a word called humility in your dictionary.

@punit - sorry if that hurt you, i guess you understood why i wrote the blog. no offense to you personally/otherwise.

@kc & kummy - joblessness rocks.

anon2 said...

good-guyness of who??! My word. Again interpretations could go haywire. I think SNites(read: the non-males) like the "good guys/good drummers"!!! :-P. We all just sit and watch. !!!!!

anon2 said...

And yes. to kartik. my name is "anonymous 2". i am from the great SAHARA deserts. So, thats all to wrap it up. I had a nice time reading all the shit(bull/horse/donkey/...etc) that was there on the blog and on the subsequent replies. I did my bit too. Thats all. You can go ahead and delete all the offensive posts. All the best for the future.Adios Amigos.

Anonymous said...

an SNite here, and i started reading these stupid posts recently. now i know how immatue you guys really are.
when i saw u guys on stage , especially rp, and the tempo and passion you have onstage i thought you ppl really love and cherish what u play. luks like thats not the case. you ppl seem to be just like the other guys in kgp doin things on stage just to get popular and 'imperss' a few 'non males' with your onstage antics.
@kartik : what was the point in starting all this debate ? i think it pissed off more ppl than make them learn. but i respect your talent i both eastern and western and i guess u were angry when you wrote this.
and an important issue :-
@anon2 : you think Snites are non-males. I don't understand what sort of a castrated male appears anon'sly and comments on other ppl.
@coke : we don't fancy sex-toys in SN, but u r too thin even for a dildo. i happened to read your vaginal 'simulation' blog ... so plz keep ur mouth shut and not comment on things u never understood.
@all : plz learn to respect and love music. even i listen to metal but i think doin metal all the time just reflects your general ignorance for other forms of music.

coke said...

well, to all those who ever asked me why I stopped playing in the Insti ... I think you got the answer in the above posts ... it's no more about the music, is it ? ... probably it never was ...
I hope to adhere to the advice and keep my mouth shut on things I never understood.

SvladKCjelli said...

Ouch.This still on??
A few things.I'll throw them in randomly.
1.I dont like the way hahahahahaha is thrown in discordantly into statements.
(Read : 'Hi!! you suck.hahahahahaha' => retarded)..again..only my view though.
2.Angry SNite : I wonder why you're anonymous. (I'm just curious why..I dont wanna know/care who :p)
3.Coke : I'm curious...When did anyone ask you why you stopped playing ? (We saw you with your snare on stage this very January)
4.There are tooo many people called anonymous here.Or am I just confused?
5.Metal/Non-metal is an extremely hackneyed and trite topic.And its boring.Go listen to whatever you're listening to.(Yes,Cyren..even I got sick of metal/non metal conversation.Believe you me :p)
6.Kartik : Not many people were hurt...Nor were they touched.And yes..joblessness rocks :p

SvladKCjelli said...

And I think people who cant manage a repartee,should refrain from trying.
Clearly there are more philistines among us than the rest of us would like.
Also to be noted :
1.This blog has been turned into a battle of wits by a few individuals.Thats not what it was meant to be.So,to whoever did that.Thanks maaan...its been fun :p
2.Someone mentioned being from the SAHARA desert.Nice to know we have a multitude of cultures participating in an inter hall discussion :p

SvladKCjelli said...

btw..something lame went unnoticed.
Anonymous (Comment 3) said
ppl dont know to goin to other hall n critizing n makin fun of their seniors...
I'm stunned into not typing fast by the sheer folly.

Kartik said...

hatred seems eternal.
anon2, anon-snite, latest-anons, and all previous-anons-who-are-still-reading, if you still fear public appearance, personally tell me who you are. i won't disclose your name unless you want me to, but be specific before starting to bitch. i guess i should have disabled the anon-comment feature... will do that if i don't know you soon.

@anon2 - mind your language.
"I had a nice time reading all the shit" -> which you were an integral part of.
"I did my bit too" - yeah, you did it well - shitting.
another anon2 comment, and i'm deleting more anon2-post(s). no second chance for you.

@anon-snite - we used to cherish what we played sincerely till last year. this year we played what we anticipated the judges to like. and interhalls are interhalls, they are not about impressing any snites (my fight on this front has ended long before, and except coke other rp-ent-members also rarely care). and i was more frustrated than angry when i wrote this becuase of under-performance. i still am, becuase people have taken the sarcasm personally and are bitching when not required. the point of starting all this is, as mentioned in above replies, waking up rp's ent team. about playing only metal, i don't know who you were targetting that comment to.

@coke - if it never was that, why did you start playing in the insti?
"keep my mouth shut on things I never understood." -> rather i would demand an explaination of things i didn't understand - may be through such blog.

@the-last-2-anons - please enlighten me also, who are they and who are YOU.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

I'm not fluent in 'stupid' coke. Kindly elaborate why you think you were the victim of an Institutional Conspiracy to keep you off the cymbals.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

Don't tell me you actually stopped drumming .. you were in the WTMS production, took on captain's role for WTMS in wildfire [ I know this sounds controversial to some audience, but let the old man have his soup], the two big insti events this year. Or, are you thinking of stopping after you found out you were not so 'loved' in SN afterall [ from the anon SNite's remarks] ??? Set your priorities dood .. SN or the snare .. its your shot.

Anonymous said...

@kartik anon2 is actually two guys. both drummers from neighbouring halls. from the spite and the stupidity , judge for yourself which one's which.

SvladKCjelli said...

@last anonymous guy :I knew what you're saying..right since the first post by each of the anon2's...( I know who you are too)
Is it really surprising how a human is obviously himself in spite of anonymity (atempts at that anyway)???

SvladKCjelli said...

I believe I've successfully recognised who each of the anons is :p
Its only a belief though.I may be wrong.But I know I'm not.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

k .. coke discussion out, good sense in.
@ kartik : Yaa, coke seems to be right about one thing atleast. Time to look into the ent team as a whole. We were complacent at times but I think we gave our best shot yaar. It didn't work out, so agle saal we'll try and impress the SNites instead of the judges, and coke will be glad to start drumming for us. But on a more serious note I think we need to play just what we like ( no need to impress a blind and deaf judge) next year. Then we'd feel good if we lost, and better if we won.
@ anon : Two guys ?? Two suspects is what you mean ?? Since you're anonymous anyways you are free to enlist your 'suspects' by name instead of indulging in gauche riddles [ RP has two neighbours, and I bet the BC Roy drummer ain't involved].

Anonymous said...

listen guys. I am from RP and I did like the kind of music you played. yet i felt that DT was not really good, you should have done better. i do not think we deserved to win any of the groups, we could have got something at least - a third in both would have been fine.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@ the last of the anonymousicans .. Really ?!! you from Rpee ??? you love DTee ??? Really ??!! oooo STUDDDD ooooo eeee ooo #$<<..>> And you would've like to come third. Kyon?? third position ke liye laddoo banttha hai kya gymkhana mein ?? jaake diya jalaa aur hila.. maadar.
You friggin mediocrity personified mortality. Kaun hai tu .. Maiti the stationer, Venky the cobbler, or Babu-Rao the messworker ... Real jobless freaks. You think blogspot is for making anonymous want-wit comments ?? hein ???

@ all anonimousities in general : you morons baap ne naam nahi diya kya tere ko ?? kam se kam khud se ek ID to bana leta ... We're not interested in whom you know, how you know and why you know .... whats so wet in your pants ( SNite anon forgiven, use whisper or woteva) that you need to come up with no name ?? hein ?? We're not even interested in knowing how many drummers you know, or any number of musicians for that matter. maata mat chaato. if you're so friggin jobless visit other blogs, go to cheddis, discuss metal, pop, grindcore, and the other genres of music the SNite would appreciate you to start pickin up. Bloody excusologists, blood suckers, cock lickers. jao DT suno third aao, gaand marao.

SvladKCjelli said...

Lol @ cyren..RP has two neighbours, and I bet the BC Roy drummer ain't involved => QED at its best !!
Well coming to commenting on performances :
I thought RP was fine not great.I couldnt hear guitars in Hallowed (No clue about stage sound though).
Comfortably numb was bad (Can't pinpoint why I'm saying that.Just remember going 'ow')
I don't think we're/kartik was talking about any other hall's performance here anyway..

Kartik said...

about being anonymous, i have fair amount of idea about which anonymous is who, i want them to come out and speak in public if they aren't afraid of me. i have already suspected kc (being anon to enjoy the fun), coke, dash, mukherji & vishal and few more people being anonymous (another chance to reveal thei identities - my dc nick is neptune). about snite funda, i'm not sure whether the person is a real bandi or just another guy wanting to bash few people around - in either case i don't care as long as i don't contradict my own opinions.

@anon-rpian - had we been third in western groups - i would have still complained. and about eastern groups, i perfectly accept the judging, but we showed far less amount of tempo for practices than what we could/should have.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@ ANONYMOUS CHUTIYA WHO DELETED HIS GRACELESS POST : kyon bhons_DK ... phat liya kya ?? jo comment delete maar diya ?? ya phir baap ka diya hua naam yaad aaga kya jo abhi ID banaane baittha hua hai ?? chutiya saala. thats more foul language i used now than last week. galti kar diya be .. screen shot nahi liya tera post ka ... MAADAR.

MahaGandu said...

fullmetal laudanta. hamare hall ke laude musicians. if v doesnt improve and agar fullmetal laudanta jaise log rahein, jo bina practice kiye sab gaane chalein practice ke pehle booze maarein event ke pehle booze marein to sn hall ka bhi hum log kuch nahi bigad sakte. thankfully humlog ms hall se upar the is baar. if v doesnt improve very soon next time mahagandu baanke fir se gaand khujlaenge. dt dt karenge. dt karenge and points dt his milega. aur full metal gandu will be sings mahagandu songs and will be helps our hall by dt amount. fullmetal laudanta kabhi pehle sayonee suna tha? saare hall ka eastern show maine dekha, khud ke hall ke liye tempo shout dena is also disgraceful i feeling ven i vas there. so lauda lauda log sab abhi bhi time hai sudhar jao. next time gaand maraoge fir se. chutiatic halls se chudoge wildfire to bhool jao. toat mai to mahagaandu hagga peloge.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

to whomsoever it may concern :- I don't think we're/kartik was talking about any other hall's performance here anyway.. >> to aap yehaan kya makhaa rahe hai ??? BULLSHIT.
lagta hai ki har non-rpian ko laath maarke bhagaana padega .... including the anonymous pussies. But thats not my work anyway since I'm not the janitor ( oxford dictionary se meaning jugaad kar lo..... basically jo hugga saaf kartha hai ;) )

@svladcjelli :- getting off the topic RK ka mixing huha tha, especially the part where you guys went off beat in Take Away My Pain, and off scale in Winds of Change, and the anonymous pussies of KGP never got to notice it. ( no clue about onstage sound though). .... waise tu sun paa raha tha kya ??

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

mahagandu .. baap ka diya hua naam , ya khud se ID banaya. ya phir baap ek beeger gaandu tha jo bete ko mahagaandu banana chahtha tha ..... keval naam se kuch nahi hota hai be .. mehnat kar, ban jayega .. i can see the symptoms already.

waise kya likkha kuch clearly samajh mein nahi aaya .. try english. suna ki CAT to dene waala hai. yaah CAT de diya aur makhaa diya ... and by the way .. tere ko dukkh kis baat ka hai ..
1) tu tempo shout nahi de paaya
2) Rp third nahi aa paya
3) laddo nahi mila
4) hum booze piye aur tum nahi pi paaya
5) ya fir tu SN hall ka kuch bigaad nahi paaya

there's a question at your IQ level( all options in hindi) in CAT format ( with one bonus option). Tere liye CAT made easier.

lagta hai tum bahut gaur se dekha hum logon ko, and it also looks like you're confused. decide and answer, and accordingly we'll take action. darr mat tere room nahi pahunchenge. ( negative marking for wrong answers, multiple answers will be accepted ;) ).

Kartik said...

@mahagandu - i have deleted most of your posts because of obscenity. and i don't think you are from rp because you said you were ashamed to give tempo-shout after the show, whereas such a tempo-shout never occured. so you are allowed to post again only if you come without disguise (even if the alias suits your profile)

strict warning to all (and i really mean all) -> one swear-word in your comment anymore, and i'll delete... even if you are rational in your point.

coke said...

umm, this might again veer the topic of discussion towards me but I just wanted to tell you that all the guys who are involved in this constructive criricism here do remind me of this pic i saw sumwhere on the net ... there's a handicapped boy running on the race track, nearing the finish line, trying to look like he's the happiest person on earth, and the caption reads : arguing over the internet is like taking part in the paralympics ; even if you win you are still retarded.

oh and yea, kartik I understand why you listed my name in the suspects for anonymous posts - I assure you I am not one of them ...

mahagandu said...

kartik, tereko sirf mere posts mai obscenity dikha? abe chasmuddin dhyan se baaki saare posts ko dekh le abhi chasma khol ke. top to bottom sabne max chutiaps machaya hai. seedha kyon nahi bolta g mai d nahi tha post isiliye mera post delete bhi myself told sab tereko rational feeling hua. and mark kar maine jo bola khud ke hall ke liye 'tempo shout dena is also disgraceful i feeling ven i vas there'. hindi mai samjhadoon to yeh hai ki cheer to nahi kar saka team ko during, tempo shout is obviously not in question.
obscenity ka mahachutiya excuse mat diya karo. yahan pe bahut log hain includes all anons, fullmetal idionta(i), snite jinka abhi bhi ashleel bhasa wala post pada hua hai. wo kya tere max fav log hain unka post rakhe hue hai?? agar tereme thoda sa gudda(DUM)hai to ye post delete maat kar. aaur han fullmetal jo bhi hai tu, sunle mera baap ko tu theek pehchana. abhi mai firse batadeta hon. tum log isko rational maano na maano tumhari whims.
m telling why we failed. atleast kartik thinks that something was gone wrong so we did not get some prizes. metalveda ya jo bhi tu hai tu sunle aaur baaki sab dekhlo kya kiye hum log western mai.
1. hotel california jaisa gaana sabko pata rehta hai usko atleast properly start to karo. starting mai hi makha diye.
2. stage pe chadhe interview dress mai. original idea tha kya saloon? tumko pata tha max teams wahi karengi. even more disgracing, idea is rana's. and i m sure neither you or me is rana's disciple. to aisa kyon kiye? ye logic wala and shame wala mistake tha.
3. ok. interview dress pehenke stage pe chadh gaye tum log. interview dress mai chadhe to sober songs karo jo dress ko suit kare. v peloed iron maiden and dream theatre. agar tum log claim karte ho ki you played these because its your liking, mai to nahi manoonga ki interview dress mai jaana tumhara liking tha(atleast fullmetal jaise logon ke liye). interview dress mai gaye to dhang se interview deneka nahi to baad mai frust hone ka. kya bolta tum log.?
4. wo har gaane ke end mai ek banda specially aake time kyon pooch raha tha? vocalist ki fatt rahi thi kya poochne ko? itna will be not looking good from outside.
5. creed humko max points de sakta tha. even ven there was problem in voltage, it vas the best song. usko firse repeat kyon kiye? firse totally unprofessional.
6. numb ka lead aaj tak koi copy paste nahi maara hai. kisiko bhi pata nahi chalega if you are completing it 10 seconds before time. mai wahan pe was laughing and almost rolling on ground ven the 'time asker' came and told 'due to time shortage lead vas cut short'. interviewer ko bol rahe ho aaur thoda saa maarke khatam karo apni kahani.
7. last vut not the least. coke kyon nahi baja raha hall ke liye? apne team ka wo ek sensible banda hai. m sure wo ye sab hone nahi deta. atleast interview dressing. kyonki uspe wo acha nahi dikhta:).
8. fullmetal sochta hai ki humko gold marna chahiye tha. uske baarein mai kuch na bolo to acha hai. booze maar maar ke kaan mai booze bhar gaya hai. sunai to deta nahi hai.

mahagandu said...

abe saale mere naam ka use maat karo. let me clarify. this post and the big post(points waale) are mine. there is one chutiya who is making use of my name. personally i support coke and kartik a bit because myself thinks kartik is atleast a bit concerned for vat happened.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@coke : Glad to know you realised you're retarded. Now do yourself the much awaited favour of meeting a local psychiatrist. I guess you acknowledege me as a quack too. I just happened to read some Freud about the fantasies of studds, and I'd appreciate your help to visualise things. Physically .. hmm I dunno, you eat three eggs a day and stuff, so you must be fine. Don't take the SN bandi seriously, we think its sarma trying to pull your leg.
And one more thing, I'm not out to get you or something while you're fantasising over pictures depicting your psyche, so don't embarass me going around RP Hall enquiring who cyren is.
Don't look for so much individuality, the topic isn't shifting towards you in particular. It's already shifted towards your kind .... coke, mahagaandu, or any of the anamolous anonimities. I appreciate your 'good-guy--smart-ass' attitude, but I guess most of us are actually bored of it by now. You're enlisted/not enlisted, not much of a difference, is it ??
[ I wish I could say 'hehehe .. actually you are not one of them, we included your name so we could confuse the anonymous naughty brats', to give you some hope and cheer]. If you really wanted some sense of identity, I think we've given you enough. And now its time you gave us a break. If possible, pardon my rude language, but I do get carried away when its time to kick some SAS ass. [ and please don't go to debo, or KC with grievances; they seem to enjoy it as much as I do].

My advice to non-RP ent members ( ex-members not acknowledged as ent-team members) : just sit back and enjoy the madness and reserve your valuable suggestions for your children and grandchildren.

As for anonymous cases from RP, I feel happy for coke in that I finally found someone more 'victimised' than him.

@ RP ent team members : Guys, Kartik wanted to say something, and he did say it out loud. I don't think this is a wake up call, as some may love to portray it. One good thing to come out of it all was that ...... we all know right ;). Buckle up guys.... we have endsems, GV, Project evals ... and the hated repertoire of 'prof-plays-god' coming our way.
Off to the lab, catchya guys at cheddis or nescafe as space-time would permit.

coke said...

heheh, I am sorry kartik, the discussion did veer towards me, again ... :D ... hmmm, come to think of it, ppl talk abt me with more "passion" now, than they ever did before ... SAS or no SAS, I am enjoying the attention :D ... thank you-thank you ( takes a bow )

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

Bullshit, I was always passionate about you coke .... remember that passionate night when I remember you crying in my room. I gather you also told apro that you're stupidity was being taken advantage of .... k I'll try not to get so passionate as to hurt you.

coke said...

whoa ... mahagandu, whoever you are ... chill ... fullmetal vedanti will hate you more, as he might think you are taking sides with me ... but of course, I'd like to know who you are so please add me on yahoo messenger ... ID : young_love_crazy ... oh my god, does my ID reveal the fact that I fantasise abt being a stud ... where's the DELETE button !!!!!!!!!!!!! oh no, this one's ENTER, the comment's already been posted !!!

coke said...

and no, mahagandu, I did not teach him drums ... he's got the music sense ... and he was inspired by Dash.

SvladKCjelli said...

@Kartik : suspected kc (being anon to enjoy the fun) : Nah,I dont do that.Its better this way.

@Cyren :
getting off the topic RK ka mixing huha tha, especially the part where you guys went off beat in Take Away My Pain, and off scale in Winds of Change :
Thats mostly true.Yet, I don't believe I can help it if you were born to lose.
But If it helps..I liked the way you remained in scale with the snare throughout.

@Coke : Cyren said earlier...
and please don't go to KC with grievances; they seem to enjoy it as much as I do
Not true.I enjoy it more.feel free to come to me with all your grievances,I'll see if I can push you over the egde for good.

coke said...

yup yup, svladcjelli, I give it to u, fullmetal vedanti is way out of your league, in pushing me off the edge...the secret lies in enjoying what you do, and sadism has pleasures of its own kind :D

@kartik : I am trying hard but every post (other than mine) is in someway dedicated towards doing me some service :D

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@ mahagaandu My dear PGM, aap to yehaan ke dean hain naaa ??, that you are answerable to my dad about my CG and tell him what i did for extracurriculars to compensate for my CG ( as if i ever did). mere dad ko yeh bhi bataa dena ki agle saal se 5k per month rokda bhi aa raha hai.

angreji seekh, JEE hindi mein dega to CAT kaise hoga ?? yeh kabhi socha tha ??

" yaad hai ki nahi first year kaise coke ke guun gaata tha tu??" -- tu kabhi coke ke sapne mein aaya tha kya ?? hein .. kuch bhi huggoge ?? jaake coke se bol, tere ko treat dedega. yaa phir coke tere ko yeh funda diya tha ??

tere ko daya aata hai kya coke pe.. jaake choos le phir uska. uska condition tere se bhi badhtaar hai. isiliye uska itna marayi ho raha hai. waise tu mera roomi hota to soch le tera kya hota. teenon instrument tere g**nd mein daal ke tere gaon bhej deta.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@ svladcjelli :
I liked the way you remained in scale with the snare throughout. -- you cut right through to the point, thats how an aspiring prog-metal vocalist would do things. gee thanx.
"born to lose " -- yaa we still need to learn how to mix our sound well. But I believe none of us were born with good soundman skills.
"feel free to come to me with all your grievances,I'll see if I can push you over the egde for good" -- do us all the favour, will ya ..

@ coke : and he was inspired by Dash -- I seriously wish you were also inspired by him instead of always bitching about life. k .. neways you've quit drumming now. too late buddy. try something like suggesting movies for people.

@ mahagaandu : tu apna mooh band rakh, you will find it easy to misinterpret english, as we've all seen.

@ kartik : k .. guess I threw too many stones into the shit-hole. Its splattering garbage all over the place. hope you don't mind.

SvladKCjelli said...

@mahagandu : Dude...Keep me out of your comments.I don't know who you are and I don't care.

@Cyren :
do us all the favour, will ya .. : I'm more than willing to, seeing as its a big favor to myself too.I leave it upto the others to make sure he comes to me with the grievances :p

@kartik : I threw a few stones too.I'm sure you don't mind??

DevB said...

"yaa we still need to learn how to mix our sound well. But I believe none of us were born with good soundman skills"

I dont think it had much to do with Abir Da and the sound mixing.
Patches meant to camouflage dirty playing won't always sound great onstage....all we ever heard were drums and vocals(I am not exactly sure how you define Drums/Snare/Tom and Vocals being in key though).
It was actually funny to see literally every hall having 10000 guys(RK had like a million more) flocking around Abir Da. Thats something which never helps.

@SNite : o_0 there's music besides metal?

And RP only played two metal numbers.

coke said...

oh my god !!! did fullmetal vedanti make a grammatical error ??!!

try something like suggesting movies for people ...

heheh...either he is suggesting that there are creatures other than people that watch movies, or he HAS made a grammatical error ...

here,let me correct it ...

try something like suggesting movies for people to watch ...

@kartik : well, every other post mentions me atleast once ... :D ... hope you don't mind ?

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@ devb :
"I dont think it had much to do with Abir Da and the sound mixing." --- opps sorry, way too many people are quoting sound mixing to be the 'Culpa Grande'. I don't believe in democracy, but I thinks its not a sin to listen to popular opinion once in a while.
about the patches ... yaa, I know. but i guess neither our patches nor our playing was that bad.
"I am not exactly sure how you define Drums/Snare/Tom and Vocals being in key though). " -- refer to svladcjelli's comments on our vocals: "I liked the way you remained in scale with the snare throughout."
I think thats "how you define Drums/Snare/Tom and Vocals being in key." I know the explanation sounds wierd, but it sounds prog, so I'll accept it ;) .

"And RP only played two metal numbers" -- be there for the show next year. by then we'd even set our patches right, and we promise you a head-bangers ball. Its assumed our guitarists will improve over one year of practice, so no dirty playing.

"born loser" -- (sorry to pull this up again, but it struck me because all these days I had assumed I was an optimist.) Don't jump to conclusions svlad da, I think coke fits this comment better than you, me and debo put together. Now thats optimistic.

"It was actually funny to see literally every hall having 10000 guys(RK had like a million more) flocking around Abir Da. Thats something which never helps." --- not too sure if it helps the sound, but may help the judge make a favourable judgement for such a dedicated hall. hehehe next time on, I'll ask some RP 2nd years to flock to Abirda, just to make sure there're no lose ends. If you'd like to, you'd do good by keeping watch over our sound.

I think it was a combination of 'dirty' playing, 'camouflage' patches, 'prog' singing, and bad sound mixing thats had an altogether toll on RP, going just by popular opinion. But I think it doesn't matter. It never mattered what sort of show is put up, because the winning formula is still elusive. I think the best thing to do is not take interhalls seriously ( atleast nobody in the RP music room did, and Kartik's blog was only meant for members of the RP ent team. too bad though, that we have an identity crisis running around here).

SvladKCjelli said...

@Cyren : I think the best thing to do is not take interhalls seriously NAILED.
And...No,I didn't say you were a born loser magaa...And yes, we all know who fits the description.

DevB said...

@Cyren : I never did mention "Bad patches" or anything else being the reason.

We all know that just about anything goes in Interhalls.And I guess you know that I dont care about monkey faeces/who played well at Interhalls/who won...
Just swap the RP and RK slots, and the results would have been the other way round.

To be honest, no hall had great patches to begin with.
RK used a stranger guitar combo amp for their bass. Few things can get dumber(Like Shubhayan Ganguly,sound guy at wildfire, gettin Peavy 5150 monsters and not micing them)
A normal guitar cabinet,unlike music systems,is not full ranged.They are made for guitars and cant effectively reproduce bass frequencies. They could have done better by plugging in straight into the PA.

Anonymous said...

Guys this is adi..many askin me that mahagandu kon hai...honestly i dnt know!...i hav iima interview after 3 days so no interest to know also..but makin it clear that its not me!..u guys njoy hahaha!

DevB said...

I don't think patches matter at interhalls at all. Didnt Nehru win Interhalls twice with their top secret "Hall Funda Tone".They did manage to get fairly high points this year with worse patches. Calling those patches "worse" or "bad" is logically flawed though. That infamous "machhar" is just beyond the dimensions of "good" and "bad".

Anonymous said...

n ya kartik...n ppl stop criticizing others...every guy involved in music in kgp has to leave this place with hard feelings..even a god like sandy said once...i love music but hate music at no point! n one more thing...hall tempo saab dikhate hai...but personal ego ka koi kuch nahi kar sakta! so aapni frustness better mai aapne gand mai point criticizin or commentin on others...caz it wont change nethin...n winnin is not everythin in happy that u learnt a lot in kgp which normal guys in other colleges jisne kaha tha school band wali baat...he know mai aisa band hote hi nahi..dogs keep barkin so no point payin heed to them..n stop wat u r best!...i will be leavin this place in 2 months...i will forget the hard comments n bad things associated with music...but will remember some gr8 performances here...n some gr8 ppl...who r really the best....n to call somethin best is personal perception...wat i call best may appear worst to the next person...n peace marna better ha than to indulge urself in pointin the bad points of everyone else...nobody is perfect n noone is goin to be a musician so y to analyse so much...its secondary n will be secondary...n atleast jin logon ne kuch kiya hai they deserve some respect..i know this place dont know to respect...but still...jisne bass utne ka suggestion diya tha pehli bar...wo agar kuch haq se bolta hai to usse publically criticize karna agar theek hai to its better not to care!...n kartik...maine tujhe samajhaya tha life criticize karne se nahi chalta...saab frust hai yahan...but does it make ne differences?...ther r many better things in life than to jus provin ur points...cya guys...i wont open this site not point replyin to this...cya..adi

Kartik said...

anon-posts disabled.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

tak avay my pine .... I guess the song does have three instruments, whether including or excluding bass I'm not sure.


Fullmetal Vedanti said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fullmetal Vedanti said...

@ devb : " I never did mention "Bad patches" or anything else being the reason." ---->>There's no need for anyone to mention 'bad patches'. We already know that bad patches were one of the reasons why we sounded so bad. Guess Apro and I will start visiting (un-anonymously) certain forums on 'patch-works' ( I can see a few Dan Swano fans raising the fist of Ra already). Quite a silly solution, but I guess forums really do help, atleast for linuX-Men like myself. There are many other shortcomings as well. I guess they'll be addressed in the Ent-team meetings at the docks tomorrow.

SvladKCjelli said...

vedanti == alchemist in kannada
Really?? I'll find out the gult word for it..should be an equally cool word :))
P.S : I was thinking 'dagaar' was the only cool word in kannada.This word is way cooler.

SvladKCjelli said...

Can we storm the Parliament instead though??
(No NO idiots..not the Sub-Com meeting,I mean the real thing)

devb said...

"Quite a silly solution, but I guess forums really do help"

They do!Possibly more than DC++ main chatroom :p

Akhi said...

hey guys(n gals if there r ny)-i believe "if u got a grudge on kartik thr's something seriously wrong with u".

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

Its getting boring I guess, with no one to screw, so lets call home the whore .... mmmmm ..... yaaaa coke.

"here,let me correct it ..." : geee .. well honey, fuck you so much, but no thanks.

Yup, we know that you know that people will avoid movies you recommend, so keep up the good cheer, and stress on 'to watch'. I like your innovative way of inserting subliminal messages to catch your customer unawares. The odd one might end up watching the movie without ever knowing what forced him to make such a disastrous move. Now the correction makes full sense.

@ akhi : I appreciate your efforts to be un-anonymous, but you have a long way to go.

Fullmetal Vedanti said...

"They do!Possibly more than DC++ main chatroom :p" ---> Quite silly, but I guess its true.

coke said...

well kartik ... I guess I have to issue a "thank you" note to you ... people are actually missing me soooooooo much :D ... ahhhh, appeases my fantasies so much !!! thank you-thank you (takes a bow).

Densel Mayor said...

I didn't expect this whole comment list to be soooooo entertaining, but I was wrong! ROFL....

Densel Mayor said...

it took me a whole 12 mins to read but worth every bit... heh heh.... and quite a few familiar names too :)


hey kartik where does the issue of gymkhana ent secy arise ... u very well know that i m not in RK and neither under ther influence.


i know abt ur frustness coz of losing in both the grps but u put up a gr8 show(hats off to u all).Whosoever watched RP's performance was impressed , if i wasn't bound to bring judges 4rm the campus (they come 4 free) u could have won.

SvladKCjelli said...

@ densel mayor : o_O ....what?
@ashish vijan : Do't worry kid.He's not blaming you.

Densel Mayor said...

heya vinod, coke, dev and adi... it's been a long time....

Kartik said...

late to reply to this, but i'm (almost) not visiting this blog anymore.

@densel - hi, nice to know that you read it full. you know what's true and what's not, so i won't stretch this any further. howz life?

@ashish - there are many things in the blog which were taken by different people as their criticism when that was not meant to be. same holds for you. you have done quite fair work as gymkhana ent-secy. thanks for your appreciation of rp's performances, and i just hope we get better/external judges for the interhalls soon...
nothing targetted on you, if i had that in mind, i would have criticized you as i did vishal singh. (anon is enabled again, i guess you had to make a new profile just to write those comments.)

@mahagandu - i don't care about who you are or what you do with your blog, (and an anon there is equally stupid to give my dc nick as his contact). what i know is you are enough jobless to create a blog just for the sake of taking revenge/being funny/showing off/whatever... and advertising here was a bad idea, so i deleted that also.

@coke,anon @ mahagandu - i didn't like 100 comments on my post, so i deleted many (nearly 30 till now) this is 97th now, and if people keep posting just because they have to say something (read say something stupid), probably the count will remain 97 forever.

sujata said...

hey...entertaining blog and comments...looked like an RK-RP fight...
By the way, I wanted to start a fight again , in case someone was visiting this blog even now... I thought RK's sound-mixing rocked... two ppl singing seconds and that being inaudible, bass being inaudible in most of the songs, these are only a few things i rememver... and i think you need lots of cali to butcher "take away my pain" so ruthlessly... didn't see RP's western performance, so dunno about it... but was disappointed that u guys didn't place

sujata said...

plzzzzzz don't delete this comment. I think your band rocks, it's the best band on campus... and i don't see that "peace-maaro" syndrome in you guys in ETMS pracs... anyways,in case you're still reading this, plzzzzzzzzz don't delete this comment... i want my comment to be the 100th one

Kartik said...

@anon-on-2nd-apr - sorry. if you still have guts, write something like that without anonymity.
@sujata - etms practices are not exactly like rp's interhall practices, people are much more pessimistic than you think. about starting the fight again, i don't see any point because people hardly try to change their point of view even if it is wrong. and as i am deleting the stupid anon's comment, your comment no longer remains 100th... this becomes 100th comment now :p

mahagandu said...

looks like v all have a very talented lady musician among all the supra studds here. sujata ji aap mahan ho. aabe bhai logon salute karo inko. fundaa bahut hai inko. bahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. inko dream theatre ka bocalist banna chahiye. aaur inme kya kya goon hain..mahagandu aabhi aapke saamne rakh raha hai. for all u peoples who doesnt know the studness of rathi ji kindly go through this and s(H)it down in awe.

"Hail Mahagandu. Mahagandu Khoosh hua."

coke said...

Hi folks. I had a lot of fun reading all this. Especially the mahagandu stuff. Awesome stuff. I don't mind sitting down and not playing for the hall as long as people do not realize the essense of music. For me, it has to come out of the heart. The sooner it happens the better for the hall and etms and wtms. otherwise, i will just sit out and won't be a part of it. musicians were never musicians in this place. even those idiots arif and ojha and that machchar rana. all those were just a bunch of "britney spears" alike wannabes. so, are you all. please change yourself before the next musical year.

Kartik said...

one thing for sure.... this is not coke. and, @mahagandu - i didn't know you have taken this so seriously that you update your blog since then watching what's happening here.. i mean MOVE ON !!

mahagandu said...

kya karein mr kartik. saare masale ka source tera ye blog se hi generate hua hai na. i am waiting for some good comments on my blog. lagta hai sabko apne image ki padi hai. every one is afraid of me. kiski ****d kab marunga koi guarantee nahi. poora pardafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash. afsoooooooos ki tere jaisa musical stud bhi rathijii ka fan hai. chee chee. puppy shame!!

hail Mahagandu!!!!!!

Kartik said...

@mahagandu - funny but stupid effort to keep your blog being advertized
sara masala tere blog se hi...
2 saal baad bhi yehi masala chabaate rahega kya? ok sure you are not intelligent enough to make sense of rest of my posts... come on, take a break and give me one.

sabko apne image ki padi hai
so why don't you reveal yourself and show that you actually have some guts? tumhari image huha ho jayegi...

every one is afraid of me
true... dekh ... mai dar gaya.

tu bhi rathijii ka fan hai
when did i say that?

btw i read your latest post also. dont ask me my opinion.
and please dont comment here any further for 2 reasons -
1. whatever you have said till now, has not made any sense, so i don't see any point in giving you another chance to be rational.
2. it's really a pain in the a$$ to see another comment added after 100+ and waiting to load all the old ones just to see some chutiyaps written for umpteenth time.

p.s. mai sahi mai dar gaya, my hand is still trembling and i can hardly type...

mahagandu said...

ho gaya kela aabe kartik??? GOlden GC to the enemy hall. sudharne ko bol de aapne doston ko. abhi bhi time hai.

Kartik said...

they had better won it with this a "selected" team (pun intended). thank goodness the selection won't happen that easily now onwards.

ramesh said...

tananananan nanana naaananana
can there be anyone more jobless