Thursday, 27 November 2008

cowards strike again

Yes, you heard it right
cowardice it's not a fight
brings anger than fright.

Yet another test
of the society's patience
someday it will end

You want your voice heard
you shout but you don't listen
we are far too many

Your noises will drown
you shout or we do, anyway
the world is worse-off

The more you do it
the more it unites us all.
Worst ever deadlock

Cowards. You did it again. If you have any guts, dare to touch me, online or offline, day or night, Mumbai or Bangalore. I'm no powerful, yet you won't dare. Because you have no courage.

You hide behind the mask of your fundamentalistic issues. Don't you realize the next wave of issues you create? Your families are destroyed, so are those of peaceful comrades. One of my friends (who is peaceful, like most of the Muslims) was about to beactually denied his visa to US (to visit Stanford univ.), just because you express your outrage in hostile manners.

Some good things will come out of this, although there were less bloody ways.

First, it will tend to reduce corruption. Police will unite against death of colleagues. System will be pressurised to stop Havala route of money.

Second, since CEOs of companies got stuck in the hotels attacked, companies will be forced to rethink their social responsibility. They can no longer shrug it to the government that the world should be a better place for everyone.

Third and not so cheerful, life of peaceful Muslims will get worse, but in the long run they will turn against you. You are not helping your community at all, forget about bringing Caliphate rule (Like all recent blasts, HuJI are being suspected behind this. Update: Deccan Mujahideen have taken responsibility via email, but media suspect LeT.)

Last, it will force me to think - "Can I do anything?" And there so many like me, that somebody will have an answer soon.

Questions to my friends: Can we do something? What should we do?


Anjai said...

Yep Dude.
What can/should we do?

Invictus said...

united, patient, and many- yes v r...
bt v r fed up now... at least i am... tired of callin up all my frenz n relatives in d city to confirm allz well... tired of thinking dat i or sum of my ppl cud hv been there...

ys... it ws torturous tryin to reach out to a fren who hs jst moved to mumbai n is all set to get engaged nxt week... it ws torturous to hear d same msg about phone lines being busy...

donno what v cn do... prey, hope, wait??? while they act n destroy... really dont know...

dont want to sound dis helpless... bt sum moments do shake u badly

Niranjan Ghaisas said...

Hi Kartik

Replying to your blog for the first time, though I keep browsing through it every once in a while.

What can we do? I ask this question to myself everytime this sort of a thing happens. Till 3 months ago, I had my answer clear in my head - that these attacks are carried out by misguided people who have been denied all opportunities and so the way to stop such things is to work for and ensure their economic upliftment.

I don't believe that anymore, esp with the recent instances of techies being involved in terror attacks. Hate to admit, even to myself, the answer that I have now.

ScrewDriver said...

Somehow this attack has left us all scarred, 8000 miles away, i am still upset over the entire chain of events. But as you , anjai and niranjan said, we need an answer. The only hope i find kartik is that somehow this time the country as a whole is being more responsible ( except for a few.... you know what and who i mean). earlier we used to be upset , look for solution and then hope someone implements it. this time the reaction is "what can i do" If everyone of us believes that then we will do something

Kartik said...

@Invictus - we are helpless only because we think we are helpless

@Niranjan - I agree, they don't want to enlarge the pie, they want to divide it differently - even if it shrinks

@Anjai,ScrewDriver - Some possible options:
1) sit, do nothing but lament
2) condemn them, support/ask the system to take action
3) take a peaceful stand, but start some activity (peacekeeping, march, rally etc.)
4) be an activist on ground, do something for people affected
5) join government/police/information bureau to fight
6) take a violent stand (e.g. the hindu fundamentalists, or a nice film - the wednesday)

I would like to do 4th/5th. Feel free to add. The point is, possibly no one knows which will work the best (causing least distress)

I for one, strongly believe in the power of good. Something will emerge soon given that so many people are provoked to think.