Sunday, 17 December 2006

Why I stopped watching TV

Some reality-shows are so real and some are not. I used to like "The Apprentice" until it all became clear that Mr Trump was actually after hiring a really well-educated scholar rather than smart and good looking executives with experience. It was just a conspiracy to make me watch the season right till the end. All was becoming apparent, if not blatant, that the show was all predecided ('fixed' - if you like cricket too much).

Then I started watching MTV Roadies. They say a gem will shine eventually. So true about this show. If something is a gem of stupidity and gullibility, it has to have high TRP ratings. Gone are the days when all the saans-bahu serials on k-channels used to rule, welcome to the new age of soap operas. (You might ask why i didn't switch channel - simply because there was nothing saner and more elegant than this.)

So here goes today's episode: some excerpts -

The bad man took audience by surprise in the previous episode - but you've got to agree, the one whom the worst person opts to vote out, must really be worse and should be thrown out instead. (This is so nonsensical, they could have gone one step further also - choice of that person could have been thrown out of the show and so on until it loops forever)

I observed something funny though, the screen behind the bad man is very different than the scene behind the participants - of course, that is because they are facing each other. Also, all the participants are looking at different places when the he speaks. My guess is that they are all bewildered by the facts just been told by him. [I-blink-innocently]

Some task is given to these participants throughout which, they keep making fools out of themselves, keep thinking how 'cool' they are, keep voicing why they would be a better roadie than others and keep changing their plans to vote someone out. It's amusing when a person assumes s/he can be cool, if s/he can throw some english words which have to blanked out ("dont *beep* *beep* talk like that....")

Then I come to know that two persons will be voted out in this episode.
A quick look on bad man - he chuckles.
A quick look on the participants - lightening has struck them.
A quick look on myself - I'm so thrilled !

Now there is a dramatic 3-way tie between three participants A, B and C, after (anti-)voting.
The anchor pops out a stunner - "What's in your minds right now?" (Like they want to go off-screen, and blog their thoughts at that instant.)
participant X - "mai kisi ko trust nahi kar sakta ab, do do minutes me change ho jate hain log." [sic] (As if he didn't know that before joining the show)
Suddenly the producer remembers his financial commitments and says "dekhiye break ke baad.... kya C fir vote out se bach jayegi?" My curiosity almost kills me.

Two of them(A and B) finally get voted out.
Anchor - "aisa kyo hua" (Why does he have to ask such questions all the time?)
participant A - "sab ne ditch maar diya" (That was a matter-of-fact answer. And just two minutes before, all were in her favour - those two minutes of break made all the difference...)
Anchor - "Do you want to say something?" [sic] (Was he expecting "Yeah, I feel like elaborating on how I feel right now"?)
participant B - "All the best, do well" [sic] (This is sportsmanship, after all that bickering for becoming a bi(c)ker....)
B sobs-all-over-with-background-song (and I was about to cry for her)
C still blabbers about how A and B were worthless [sic]. Same song is being played in higher tempo and higher volume.
And then finally the voted-outs bitch about others conspiring against them and how they were victimized [sic].

I am looking forward to next episodes of roadies, and then next season right from the auditions. Then there is also [V]-fresher-vjs. It's simply amazing that so many stupid people are ready to be 'bakra's. Otherwise I have stopped watching TV because the shows are becoming more and more inane and melodramatic.

I wish I had not bought my brand new TVS Apache, you know.... it just killed my chance of being a roadie. If I had not got a bike, I would not have to go through the pain to push it half a kilometer just because a salesman in the showroom didn't tell me that it did not have enough petrol to run for 5 more km.

p.s. call me a geek, but the instant this happened and the instant roadies episode finished, urge of blogging hit me.

Update -
Stupidity never stops to popup and amaze me. There are dedicated forums to discuss MTV Roadies. People have gone forward and identified some participants on Orkut here.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

कुठेस तू

तू आता कशी असशील, थोडा घाबरलोय
तू अजून तशीच असशील? थोडा बावरलोय...
आज तू पुन्हा मला जवळ करशील? कारण,
इतक्या दिवसात मी पण थोडा बदललोय...

हल्ली रोज रात्री झोप सुद्धा थकून म्हणते -
प्रेमात "पडलेला" तुला असे कधीच पाहिले नव्हते.

गळ्यातली गाणी, खिशातली नाणी
पण डोळ्यातले पाणी आणि मन सुन्न;
वाटले मी चंचल असेन, अजून कोणी पुसेल,
मन पुन्हा फसेल, पण जगच किती भिन्न !

माझी कथा माझी व्यथा कशी मी आज सांगू तुला
न कळे कधी माझ्यातला एक हिस्सा हरवला.

तोपर्यंत माझीच समजूत कशी घालत राहू ?
कधी पर्यंत बोलणे असेच टाळत राहू ?

नकार जरी असला तरी तो आज मला कळू दे
अजून थोडी समजूतदार झालीस तू आज.... आज तरी तुला भेटू दे.

- कार्तिक
१० डिसेंबर २००६

Saturday, 2 December 2006


after some persuation from a friend, i tried pandora. it is too nice to have music played according to your taste, but with an uncertainity as there is in a radio.

this is first time i will go to a live concert (Sonu Nigam) after coming to bangalore, just some time later to publishing this post.

after some delay, i met this alumnus of iitkgp. i had met him before, but did not have time and peace to talk at length. liked his views about everything. definitely look forward to play bass along with his synth - should be fun.

some time back, i talked about moving on and how i would stop looking forward to some ambitions(!) in life. not right now, but definitely sooner than i would have expected, this time will come - one of the major reasons i don't particularly look forward to do MBA, at least not right now.

looking back, this november seems to have far too many posts than before. (not that i am slowing down.)

Everything has a time scheduled for. or so it seems. :)

René Descartes - "I think, therefore I am." (translated from Latin (or French))
Aristotle's ghost to Descartes' - "If I was not, I would not have thought." (translated from Greek)
don't tell me this sounds latin and greek to you ;)