Saturday, 2 December 2006


after some persuation from a friend, i tried pandora. it is too nice to have music played according to your taste, but with an uncertainity as there is in a radio.

this is first time i will go to a live concert (Sonu Nigam) after coming to bangalore, just some time later to publishing this post.

after some delay, i met this alumnus of iitkgp. i had met him before, but did not have time and peace to talk at length. liked his views about everything. definitely look forward to play bass along with his synth - should be fun.

some time back, i talked about moving on and how i would stop looking forward to some ambitions(!) in life. not right now, but definitely sooner than i would have expected, this time will come - one of the major reasons i don't particularly look forward to do MBA, at least not right now.

looking back, this november seems to have far too many posts than before. (not that i am slowing down.)

Everything has a time scheduled for. or so it seems. :)

René Descartes - "I think, therefore I am." (translated from Latin (or French))
Aristotle's ghost to Descartes' - "If I was not, I would not have thought." (translated from Greek)
don't tell me this sounds latin and greek to you ;)

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