Wednesday, 5 April 2006

moving on

i don't smoke. i don't drink as much. but i'm addicted to quizrooms on dc. after deciding to quit, twice i felt like playing again. but now i've quit. well, almost....

i used to be addicted to aoe. then i quit. then i am playing cs for some time now. i'll quit that too someday.

i used to be in love. then i quit thinking about it.

i write blog whenever i feel like expressing myself to my other self. someday i'll quit that.

i'm looking forward to a job which will give me money. after some time, i'll stop looking forward.

i want to live life happily. some day i'll go to himalaya and live an ascetic life.

i try to set things right, if i feel something should be changed so that the world could be a better place to live. someday i'll quit.

i'm an optimist to the core. sometimes i quit being an optimist.


ramesh said...

one day u will die, hopefully the choice then will not be yours.

ramesh said...

one day u will die, hopefully the choice then will not be yours!!!

DD said...

nice post :)

Kartik said...

@ramesh - forgot to include that. thanx.
@dd - thanx :)

@pro said...

nice post be ... although its been sometime since you posted it ... better late than never i guess :)

coke said...

hehehe, I completely support the part abt the trip to Himalayas...I want to do tht too man...when I've had enuf of this material world ... gimme a missed call before you go ...we'll make plans :D ... seriously.

Kartik said...

tx apro.
yup coke, will surely do that. just in case you feel that urge before me, do the same :D (supposedly my being ascetic is written in my horroscope... seems appropriate to me these days)