Thursday, 20 April 2006

Inebriated maudlin

thats what I'm right now.

There were many reasons today to celebrate -
1.(actually this is too old now) got a good job
2.finished with term project in MCS & OHM
3.had another ETMS treat and sensible discussion
4.will be leaving kgp in a month or so (almost sure, but not exactly)

having the-maudlin-feeling because -
1.I'm drunk right now
2.will be missing you friends after a month or so
3.will miss etms especially
4."the-hollow-feeling" (referring to apro's blog on a strange time)

I'm learning to live.
(that's a song by DT too.... what a coincidence)

1 comment:

Kartik said...

and forgot a much bigger reason to celebrate... amit & somani finally got placed in I2