Sunday, 23 November 2008


What do you do on a lazy drizzly sunday evening with awesome weather -
  1. watch cricket match
  2. study for end term exam on next day
  3. listen to a torturous discussion on topics hardly relevant to you
I happened to choose the third option today. Since the match was shortened to 22 overs and studying for exam is also no fun, there was a little consolation anyway.

From another standpoint, I took pity on life that offers only sucky choices.

How many things have you come across at a stretch which have left you with the feeling "WTF?"
  • Your mentor prof asks to meet on a day before exam
  • You are the first one to arrive, and prof comes when you are on your way back
  • There are two groups apart from yours, yours will be discussed last, and apparently you need to sit in other discussions
  • One group discusses their project for one hour, you sit quiet
  • Prof says it will be over in another half an hour and actually means one and half
  • Second group discusses for another hour, you are again forced to attend because apparently it is relevant to your project. In reality either
    1. you already know it, or
    2. you don't know it but it is totally irrelevant to you, your life, your project, and your exam on next day and you couldn't care less, or
    3. you stopped listening while thinking "even this shall pass away" until you get bored of that thought or any other line of any poem too, or
    4. you are lost in the thought of pending assignments and prof himself answers a question he has asked
  • Your turn comes, prof asks more questions than you do, does not answer any and draws a diagram no one can understand later
  • You want to ask a genuine doubt, but unlike everyone else in the institute, the prof who is the chairperson of computer centre, does not have office 2007 installed on his pc
  • Update: Prof scans your pendrive in suspicion of a virus, but his own system is infected and it creates 68 trojan files in otherwise clean folders
I can go on. The point is, whatever I did ended in "WTF". You might have gone through something worse. But hey, you didn't blog about it.

On a positive note, it has probably made me more tolerant (or ignorant) of bullshitting.


Harshada Vinaya said...


kitanaa majaa aaye re !!


Anjai said...


Ask me ! The difference between you and me is prob the magnitude and intensity with which WTF is uttered. And I bet you a million dollars my scream would outclass yours. :P

ScrewDriver said...

life is always a pain in the ass...
sometimes its your ass , rarely it isnt!

Kartik said...

@all - well it was a frivolous wtf, i agree. but wait.... WTF? :D

@Anjai - again, it must be for good.