Saturday, 28 July 2007

IIMB transparent on admission criteria

IIMB has decided to make the criteria for admissions to Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) transparent to everyone. The details can be found on the website (pdf). The following structure was for admissions to PGP 2007-09, but it is expected that similar framework was in place before, and it will probably continue to be with some tweaks in the following years.

Some surprises (or spoilers you may say) -
  • CAT score carried only 20% weight, the cutoffs are much lower than those thought of (85% sectional, 90% aggregate for general category)
  • Previous academic record carried 40% weight.
  • GD summary carried as much weight as the GD itself (7.5% each).
  • Work-ex had an optimum value of 36 months (contrary to the more the better)

Now it will not be a surprise that IIMB gives single calls, or may not give calls to people who get most others. It may also explain why an IIMB-batch is perceived as diverse. It is also heartening to know that one of the most complex and subjective procedures is objectivized in a way similar to what I used once.

While others have blogged about this already (1,2), for me the conclusion is - my being in IIMB was not dependent only on 19th Nov 2006. There was a lot of 'karma' associated.

(More on experiences in IIMB some other day, have to study for a test with 10% overall weight, happening in about 5 hours.)


Anjai said...

Well written. But CAT is still the sole gateway to further complications and weightages. :P

Sunny said...

Nice initiative on the part of IIMB to have come out with this pdf... but still... it does come down (a lot) to how you do on those two days: CAT day and GD/PI day :-)

Kartik said...

cat is the only gateway, and a lot depends on those 2 days, but only if you have been consistent before, which you cant change now.

it is good initiative on their part, but it may have been even mandated by RTI.