Tuesday, 26 August 2008


I have been making todo lists in many formats so you'd have guessed that they work only partially. I have used google calendar, outlook calendar, add-on on thunderbird, post-its on vista sidebar, post-its on paperboard in the room and whiteboard till now. So this is the latest mode of making a todo list and sticking to it - blog. Below are few things I wish to do during next 3-4 months, and YOU are going to remind me :D

TODO in next 3 months (or losely speaking, keep doing it for some time):
  1. Find a guitar/drums tutor to come to IIMB to teach interested junta.
  2. Listen to more types of music, particularly explore more in rock.
  3. Continue mp3-tagging by collection of songs.
  4. Start composing, write it down. Explore song structures.
  5. Try sculptoring soap.
  6. Read the books lying in the room (esp. End of Poverty, remaining volumes of H2G2 series)
  7. Blog more frequently. Start a series on social entrepreneurs.
  8. Translate books into Marathi for GTS.
  9. Continue working with Weflap.
Now you know why I end up not completing the do part in these lists, they are so long!

No but seriously, many of the above don't even need reminders - I will do them as I find time. At times I will squeeze time to do it. You just need to remind me that I will keep on finding such times. Tell me, call, chat or mail me in a while, and just say that you read this post. I will do the rest.


logicark said...

dood, one of the problems, apart from your probably busy schedule at IIM B, is that almost all of these are projects. Break them into concrete smaller tasks and set a deadline to them, and you should be able to achieve a better to-d-completion ratio.

I know this sounds very academic, but it does help; i have experienced it personally.
For example, for point 2 - Listen to more types of music, particularly explore more in rock : make subtask 1 as listen to Album A by rock band B - with A and B names that you know - this saturday . With this concrete and achievable task with a deadline, I think you would be able to perform better.

Have fun to-doing !!

foniars said...

I agree with logicark; and it does help. but the point of having fun in the process dies. when these things are done intuitively with no reminders to it; tab masti aati hai.