Saturday, 12 September 2015

Trekking in the Scottish Watershed

"Raindrop to the East reaches the sea
And to the West the ocean, you see,"
Said Aylan, my trekking guide
"Watershed is a drainage divide."

You couldn't tell the two apart
In the air, did they depart
And hit the ground inches away
To each their own waterway.

I pictured the journey of a drop
At the lake's gate she had to stop.
'Practice the ritual oh your sweetness
Only then will you be called Loch Ness.

It's a privilege to go East from the Loch'
'Ah fine. But such thought is a lock.'
'You must be a keeper of the tradition'
'That I'm here, isn't of my volition'

Company to the sea wasn't too kind
Heretic was she who unlocked her mind
Asking too loud, 'What's the point?
The ocean and the sea are anyway joint'

"Edinburgh is charming and so is Glasgow"
Aylan said, "wherever a drop may flow.
The Watershed is a transient border
The borders in our minds caused a murder."

I kept thinking about this theme when I read about Scottish Watershed few months back. You must have guessed the thoughts were not particularly about trekking or Scotland and obviously the choice of name is recent.

There is a safety principle in manufacturing plants - accidents don't happen, they are caused.

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