Saturday, 4 November 2006


a bass guitar with a cover bag - Rs 6500
an amplifier to make it rock - Rs 5700
playing your favourite songs on bass after so long - Rs 11500 (yeah, I got some discount)

playing music with your beloved friends - priceless

there are somethings in life money cannot buy.
for everything else there is monthly paycheck.

so am I not happy with my new bass? Definitely I am, just a bit nostalgia has eclipsed that happiness.


kaushik said...

h hah sahii...finally chapman stick??...:D

Kartik said...

are utna aukat nahi hai abhi, aadmi ko chaddi me rehna chahiye :P
waise i'm too lazy for these stuff, kabse bol raha tha to ab kharida bass, abhi tak naya handset bhi nahi kharida hai