Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Which one looks cuter?

this -

or this?

It took two years before those 20 minutes in hair saloon, to try being this -



Ritesh Agarwal said...

hahahahhah.. Sorry dude :D

kpowerinfinity said...

Hoo haa stud lag raha hai be baal kata ke .. bilkul business types!

JBoy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashutosh said...

abe ye kiski pic laga di hai be

~ योगी... said...

ye... kya hua?
kaise hua?
kyu hua?
kab hua?

(he don't reply as as "choddo ye na socho :p")

54UV1K said...

The second photograph is a cheap impersonation of the first one. Barber wearing a stylish (expensive??) watch and blue jeans (still acceptable), green-plastic padded scissors and that horrible amateurish way of holding the comb. The first one is the authentic one photographed on a colour film when the world was still in greyscale monochrome.

Kartik said...

@ritesh - 11-16 nov will tell if i am sorry for that

@kk - thank you :)

@jboy-who-deleted-comment - why are YOU getting a haircut.... longer the hair, more easily they come off

@ashu - ye mai hi hoon

@yogi - ye to hona hi tha ;)

@sauvik - it IS meant to be an imitation of the first photo (cheap if so). you probably missed A301-318 (wing in the hostel block) but good observations.

sonik said...

Ouch!! the first pic is better any time :D