Tuesday, 2 October 2007

second term

(credit - Naka , modified to suit local context)

So what does term 2 bring? A colourful marketing text book? A 'god level' finance text book? A heavier load of case studies?

What does term 2 promise? A 3-month marathon of what kind? A summer internship selection process, one too many PPTs, reams of application forms, vault guides, case-books, surprise quizzes, Vista, sleepless L²s, and an indirect rat-race till death with 259 others for a place in the sun- these all and some more.

Rats! I have to begin somewhere to fit myself to companies.

So what does life after IIM bring? Professional nostalgia for the alma mater? 'God level' finances in your bank account?

What does life after IIM promise? Decades long marathon of what kind? A job with huge load of binding responsibilities & expectations, one too many formal PPTs, losing sleep over deadlines and another indirect rat-race with thousands of others for proving the worth of the brands - these and more.

Rats! I have to begin somewhere, to seek the purpose of this life.

Though I keep rationalizing by saying "This too shall pass away", whatever comes next, will also pass away. So will life, universe and everything.....


That is 42.


logicark said...

dude, i also keep asking myself the same question, "What's the purpose of this all". And after a 3 week visit to NY and working on wall street,which gave me slightly more clarity over my career prospects; I am still no nearer to the answer. And I too just keep postponing the search, hiding my confusions and insecurities behind the vail of daily chores.
And however true it might seem, I do hope to the last bit that this is NOT 42.

sonik said...

"What's the use of this?""

Sigh, sigh (infinite sighs)

We lesser mortals would never comprehend that.

MAn, You've given me a complex now :((

Kartik said...

@logicark - I do hope I am wrong about 42.

@sonik - it was all cribbing.... nothing else.

basically it was an impulsive connection felt with naka's post.