Monday, 29 October 2007

A reason to start over new

Few wonderful things have happened amidst of summers.

1.Spicmacay concert - We got violinist duo Ganesh & Kumaresh to perform in IIMB on 26th. It was a short but beautiful concert.

2.Music room got set up - We had a budget of 3L! We have got Tama drumkit, Ibanez bass, Kramer (electric) and GB&A (acoustic) guitars, Yamaha keyboard, 3 Stranger amps and a Marshal amp. Plus the music room is acoustically padded on all sides. Yey IIMB! Can't wait for summers to get over (that explains the title)

3.Saw a few TED videos online - all were interesting. From relating probability of heads & tails to length of pieces of DNA strands to making rural cooking smoke free, all give valuable insights.

4.Had read about Aravind Eye Care Services before, but now was the time to write about it. Do read and if you have time, do watch abridged or full documentary - very inspiring indeed.

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logicark said...

must feel great to have a music budget of 3L after kgp, right? [:)]